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Suman Nandy awarded Ph.D. in 2010 from Jadavpur University (India) in the area of Materials Science and Nanotechnology from the Department of Physics. In March 2011, he has joined the CENIMAT-i3N group of Prof. Elvira Fortunato and Prof. Rodrigo Martins with achieving a prestigious FCT Postdoctoral fellowship (2011-2017). He is now a Research Investigator at Materials Science Department, FCT-Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

He has 13+ years of research experience in the field of Materials Science and Nanotechnology. During his research career, he came across a vast tome of scientific knowledge with a good understanding of materials processing, developments, and characterizations. He has in-depth knowledge with hands-on experience in different kinds of laboratory tools including sputtering, lithography, spectrometers, semiconductor analysis, AFM, XRD, HRTEM. His Ph.D. thesis title was “Studies on the electrical and optical properties of some p-type transparent conducting oxides thin film and nanostructures”. He has explicit research experience on oxide-based nanostructured materials. He has published several papers including well-cited review articles on this area. He is also working in localized charge transport dynamics for different nanomaterial and their interfaces through AFM technology for nano-engineering. He started a new dimension in the investigation of localized charge transport dynamics for different nanomaterial and device interface layers in CENIMAT.

Recently, he is leading a new work on the mechano-electrical study for application in self-powered devices mostly based on textile and paper-based materials. Last 2-3 years, he is involved to build a new platform of sustainable and green technology-based mechano-responsive energy harvesting systems in the group. He is also supervised several master students who are carrying out their master thesis program based on this area under his supervision. Recently he is supervising a Ph.D. student who is pursuing his Ph.D. program on “Self-powered Identification System with Wireless Communication”. During his research career, he is associated with several projects including National Funds through FCT under the project UID/CTM/50025/2019  SYNERGY (H2020, GA No 952169) 1D-NEON (H2020-NMP-IA-22-2015 GA nº 685758-2), CelSmartSense (Proposal Nº 017862), FOXES (Proposal Nº 951774). He is also associated with the teaching activities in the Department of Materials Science on “Sustainable and Green Energy System”.

He is strongly collaborating with Co-LAB Almascience where his part of the research output is being exploited for commercial applications. In 2020, with his strong initiative, an MOU has been established between FCT-NOVA, NOVA-id, and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Guwahati). A joint scientific program has already been started.  He has also a strong scientific collaboration with KAUST (Saudi Arabia), Yeungnam University (South Korea), Institute of Physics (India), Aveiro through scientific work.   Besides, he always contributes and takes part in CIENCIA-VIVA, University EXPO, ERASMUS, BET-EU scientific programs in CENIMAT-i3N.

He has published several scientific papers and review articles as an author, co-author, and corresponding author in a very high-impact peer-reviewed journal. He has presented research works at several national and international conferences. He is a regular referee for several SCI journals.

Associated Projects

SYmbiosis for eNERGY harvesting concepts for smart platforms on foils, (SYNERGY): 2020-2023

Funded by Horizon 2020, Grant agreement ID: 952169

Fully Oxide-based Zero-Emission and Portable Energy Supply (FOXES): 2020-2024

Funded by HORIZON 2020, Proposal Nº 951774

i3N - Institute for Nanostructures, Nanomodelling and Nanofabrication: 2020-2023

Funded by national fund FCT, Grant agreement : UIDB / 50025 / 2020-2023

1D Nanofibre Electro-Optic Networks (1D NEON): 2016-2020

Funded by the European Commission under the call H2020-NMP-22-2015 Grant Agreement No. 685758 (Innovation Action)

Plataformas electronicas de base celulósica para bideteção (CelSmartSense) 2016-2018

National Fund PT2020, Projecto nº 017862


Demonstrating our recent energy-related work to Nobel laureate Sir Paul Maxime Nurse

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Cover image based on our work on bio-waste derived carbon has been displayed in Wiley store.

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Demonstrating the work by PhD scholar to the Portugal government ministries during the lab visit.

Teaching Activities and Supervision

Master Classes (Theory and Practical):

Masters in Materials Science and nanotechnology, 

Course MCCE discipline: Subject Area: Nanogenarator Energy Harvester, Atomic Force Microscopy

Masters in Advanced Materials Innovative Recycling (AMIR)

Subject Area: Green and Clean Energy: Mechano-electrical Energy

Guilherme Mendes Ferreirao (2021-) 

Ph.D Thesis Title: Self-powered Identification System with Wireless Communication”


Alberto Carlos Verdes Vale Rego (2021-)

Thesis Title: Recycling of Wastepaper into Functionalized Electronic Paper 


Manuel Caetano (2021-)

Thesis Title: Recycling of Wastepaper into Functionalized Electronic Paper 


Andre Opiniao (2019-2020) 

Thesis Title: Self-powered smart card: Challenge to clean and green energy”


Guilherme Miguel Melo Coelho (2019-2020) 

Thesis Title: Wearable Integrated for Sustainable Energy: Self Powered e-Cloths


Guilherme Mendes Ferreirao (2018-2019) 

Thesis Title: Eco-energy Smart Card”: A human-interactive all paper-based, mechanical energy harvester


Miguel Alexandre Branco Tibério  (2018-2019) 

Thesis Title: Study of localized transport phenomena of Cu2O

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