Suman Nandy, Ph.D

Suman Nandy awarded Ph.D in 2010 from Jadavpur University (India) in the area of Materials Science and Nanotechnology from the Department of Physics. In March 2011, he has joined the CENIMAT-i3N group of Prof. Elvira Fortunato and Prof. Rodrigo Martins with achieving a prestigious FCT Postdoctoral fellowship (2011-2017). He is now a Research Investigator at Materials Science Department, FCT-Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

He has 13+ years of research experience in the field of Materials Science and Nanotechnology. He is working in localized charge transport dynamics for different nanostructure materials and their interfaces through AFM technology for nano-engineering. He has been involved in several National and International projects.  Currently, he is supervising the research work based on “Green and Sustainable wearable energy system”. He has published several scientific papers and review articles as an author, co-author, and corresponding author in a very high-impact peer-reviewed journal. 

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Selective Publications


Here is our current review article that has been accepted by Advanced Materials Technology and selected as a HOT TOPIC in “Flexible Electronics” on cellulose, the work progress from this group with rest of the world! This review article covers mostly all of the interesting areas of research explored through cellulose substrate and also the aspect from the global market.

Review Article

Touch-Interactive Flexible Sustainable Energy Harvester and Self-Powered Smart Card

This article has been accepted by Advanced Functional Materials based on easy processable paper based mechao-responsive energy harvester prepared from polyaniline-functionalized raw paper in a cost-effective way. Prototyped “eco-energy” smart card can work as a portable power plant, which is able of powering several LEDs or portable devices. The vision of the present work is to create a sustainable world through adopting zero e-waste and clean energy.  

Reseach Article

Human-motion interactive energy harvester based on polyaniline functionalized textile fibers following metal/polymer mechano-responsive charge transfer mechanism

This work has been accepted by Nano Energy based on prototyped wearable power plant; integrated from doped polyaniline (d-PANi) functionalized free standing textile fibers, harvesting energy through body movement like patting, bending, or even through soft finger touch.

Research Article